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Look back to the first product we designed and produced – UNO, we clearly know how to build a well constructed service system, a flow process from the initial inspiration dropped to a finished product.


Floating Shelves

Furniture & Taste

Mechanical Solutions


We create innovative products and end-to-end solutions for our customers.

As a design firm in constantly changing world, we create innovative products for our customers.
Not only for product design, also for raw material sourcing, manufacturing control, logistics, and more,
we have strong ability to create end-to-end strategies for customers around the world.

In different development requirements, we will consider appropriate place to produce our products, try to balance cost and quality.

For various market needs, we keep increasing abilities of material sourcing, and try to satisfy multiple development / manufacture requirements for our clients.

Supply chain

With over 20 years experiences in Asian markets, We provide manufacturing sourcing completely for clients. From local productions in Taiwan, to China, we help with individual projects, retailers and brands to realize their visions.

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• Branding
• Web Design
• Social Media Arrangement
• Exhibition Planning

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What we do is to dig into the ordinary but essential experiences of daily life, work with life enthusiasts worldwide, to delineate how good products should be. More than a design team, unclesign is formed to make come true fun ideas with experts in design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. For more details, contact us and see what are the possibilities.

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